Our Team

We’re a group of car enthusiasts that teamed up together to provide a professional liquid wrapping service. We have all owned various cars and trucks in our life time from a 400hp Dakota R/T, to a beautiful Audi S5 and even several beloved Porsches. Our passion for cars allowed us to get acquainted initially with PlastiDip and then other premium liquid wrapping technologies and products thus starting this endeavor.  We’re excited to be apart of an industry that just under 2 years ago there was a single product in a matte finish with a handful of colors – to now there are high end products that are smooth as vinyl, bond stronger and have gloss finishes that exceed OEM factory clear coats and tens of thousands of color options available.

About PlastiDip/Liquid Wrapping

It’s a synthetic coating that we spray on trim, grills, emblems, wheels and complete cars to give it a head-turning customized color change that doesn’t harm the clear coat of your vehicle. It is completely reversible and can be peeled off to return back to your original paint.  There are a handful of products now on the market in this category that have varying advantages over each other including look/feel, finishes, fuel resiliency, bondage to vehicle, etc.  Our commitments is to educate you on the best product to apply to your vehicle to give you that custom look and protection you are looking for!

Commitment To Our Customers

Our commitment is to our customers. Customer service is our priority since we all know the bond between a car and it’s driver can be a deep one. We offer warranty on all our work. Before you leave with your vehicle, we’ll go over it to make sure everything is to your satisfaction and you leave knowing how to care for your new liquid wrap to give you years of enjoyment.