Sometimes the most difficult part of this process is choosing the right color to rock on your vehicle!  The industry has gone from a handful of standard colors to thousands of colors through pigments and pearls (examples below).  More colors are created/available every day so it’s difficult to keep all colors listed below.  A good starting point for color choice is reviewing the below links for the primary color choices (pearls) that we offer/apply.  Also, check out our gallery of customer cars for a wide variety of colors we’ve already applied to different vehicles.

Standard Full Spectrum and Metallic Colors

Camo Blaze Metalizers and Fluorescent Colors

DipOhio - Dip Pearls

DipOhio - Chameleon Pearls

DipOhio - Nebula Pearls

DipOhio - Color Flip Pearls

DipOhio - Micro Flakes

DipOhio - Color Shifting Flakes