What is Plasti Dip/Liquid Wrap?

It’s a multi-purpose synthetic coating that remains flexible and stretchy over time. It is able to protect your vehicle from common road debris like rocks, sand, salt, and ice. It will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions and temperatures ranging from -30*F to 200*F

How long will it last?

It can last up to 3 years when properly applied without any respraying or retouching and properly maintained.

Will it damage the paint on my car?

Other folks have been dipping/liquid wrapping cars for the last 3 years and there hasn’t been any major reports of damage to the clear coat. These same companies are dipping, peeling, and re-dipping the same cars over and over again coming up with the same results. We’ll be sure to document our personal vehicles as time goes by to show first hand how many times we’ve dipped, peeled, and re-dipped our vehicles.

Is it really that easy to peel off?

Yes, for the most part. We spray at least 7-15 coats of the applicable product on the vehicles which allows it to bond better with each other coat after coat. This allows us to peel off large sections of dip making the process less of a hassle. After a year, the liquid wrap will start to dry out. This doesn’t do anything to the integrity of the dip itself but you just peel off smaller sections of the dip.

Since it’s easy to peel off, will it come off on the highway ?

No, it will not. The chemical reaction between the vehicle and the coats of liquid wrap allows it to adhere to the surface rather well. It will only come off if forced to. Here are some examples: hitting a guard rail, curb rashing your wheels, someone keying it, scrapping against a jersey wall, or actually peeling it by hand to go back to your original paint.

How do I wash my vehicle?

We suggest hand washing using a non-wax based soap. Using a wax based soap or applying wax onto the dip will start to break down the bond of the coats resulting in texturing and eventually coming off.